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Hey, I just played Akihabara: Feel the Rhythm, and gotta say, it’s pretty dope - Review on Free Apps For Me

Akihabara is a unique combination of intense rhythm and fast-paced puzzles set in the Electric Town of Tokyo!

Stack and match shapes to 15 original songs and levels -- but don’t let them reach the top ... or it’s “game over”! Can you earn a top spot on the leaderboards and master the rhythm in Akihabara?

*Challenge yourself with intense, fast-paced rhythm gameplay
* Enjoy high-quality graphics, sound, and music
*Track your online scores
*Earn up to 15 achievements in more than 15 levels over various game modes
*Master the beat in environments based on Tokyo’s own Electric Town



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"The title is solid all around, and is a good match for puzzle fans looking for something new or rhythm fans looking for more timing mechanics in the puzzle-rhythm hybrid of games.” - Bemanistyle


"More than 15 tracks, 2 modes of play, and some pretty difficult achievements to get means that you might be in the groove for a while…but with these sick beats, enjoy the sights and sounds of Akihabara!" - Appliv


Enjoy the amazing soundtrack:

Available as a DLC on Steam, or at your favourite music store!

01 - Future Sound, Part 1
02 - Future Sound, Part 2
03 - Electric Town
04 - Dejitaru;Sakkaku
05 - Stay Golden
06 - Journey
07 - Drive
08 - H15
09 - H16
10 - The Neon Nights
11 - Future Sound, Part 1 (Midnight Mix)
12 - Future Sound, Part 2 (Midnight Mix)
13 - Stay Golden (Midnight Mix)
14 - H16 (Midnight Mix)
15 - The Neon Nights (Midnight Mix)
16 - Cailies Theme


For more information contact marten [at]