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See what the final chapter of the Blue Moon saga holds. Will love prevail, or will all be a forgotten dream?



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In the starry light of the sky above, a story is waiting to unfold.

Explore the final chapter of the Star Sky saga, as you journey through another mysterious and enchanting world, soothed by the nature around you. Take the opportunity to relax, and let yourself get swept away in the magical atmosphere, as you explore, uncover, and shape the world as you are walking through. Take your time, explore the different paths, find the secrets.

Mårten Jonsson continues the relaxing pace set forth in the previous Star Sky games, and offers yet another calming experience, meant to ease your mind, and let you escape, if only for a short while. Explore at your own pace, play this game as a standalone experience, or try to untangle the weave of the Star Skys story.

Goodnight, and may you find what you’re seeking beneath the stars.



The game uses sounds from the Freesound project. A full list can be viewed here

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