- Producer - Publisher - Event Organizer - Game Designer - Level Designer -

I'm a developer with more than 10 years in the industry and commercial release across desktop, consoles, and mobile. Looking for gigs as a producer, project manager, or designer.

Working and producing using Scrum and agile development methodology.

I've worked with education since 2013, teaching app development, game design, and level design. Additionally, I've hosted a multitude of workshops, gamejams, clubs, and general events.

I've also worked with startups and an indie offices in collaboration with a game incubator.

(+46) 709 538 638

marten [@] jm-j.com


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I've created and hosted a multitude of workshops and events, along with course material and lectures (in Swedish).

An introductory lecture to Game Design

An introductory lecture to Game Narrative

A 92 page compendium of Level Design Theory

An overview of the principles of Puzzle Design

An overview of the principles of Endless Runner Design


I've worked with:



Project Unobtanium

Created in Unreal Engine 4
Open World Example
Design centred around utilizing a suit enabling teleportation and high-speed running.

Running system measuring slopes
Particlesystem trail
Particlesystem running
Teleportation system
Integrated HUD



Starry Island

Created in Unreal Engine 4
Atmospheric Example
Designed to experiment with esthetics

Swaying Grass Foliage
Custom Skybox
Custom Lightning
Cascade Particle Systems


Stardew Valley Template

Created in Unreal Engine 4
Created and workshopped together with students
Designed to experiment with different functions and scripts

Custom Day/Night Cycle
Mode Switching
Crop Growth
Gridbased System


Tower Defence Template

Created in Unreal Engine4
Used in workshops with students covering the following lessons:

01 - Camera & Setup
02 - Enemies
03a - Standard Projectile
03b - Radial Projectile
04 - Towers
05 - Money
06 - Buildings 1
07 - Buildings 2
08 - Core
09 - Waves
10 - Enemy Behaviour




 Games created by me as a solo developer. Released across various platforms such as Switch, WiiU, PC, iOS, Android, and UWP. For more details, see jm-j.com


The following games were created when I was running Tableflip Entertainment (Gothenburg, 2014-2015), acting as producer and lead designer.

Cosmic Quest: Strike

A F2P puzzle game developed for mobile.

Released on iOs, Android and Facebook


Space Run - To the Edge of the Universe and Back

F2P arcade game created for iOs and Android



Prototype Example


Created for Zero Hour Gamejam. Example of how to create a game in only 1 hour.


Days of the Year


iOS app created by me. Lifestyle app designed to track mood and behaviour, including a diary function.